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Ryleigh A.

First of all I loved the color because I used the strawberry scented one!! It smells absolutely AMAZING.. and it’s not too thick & not too thin.. definitely works really good! Love it SO much!!

Lesley K.

I loved it!! It works for Greyson. I wanna get a bottle before we go to Florida if your able too!

Megan R.

I LOVED IT!!! Definitely can’t wait to get more! The consistency was perfect, and my hands are so soft! Working where I do and washing my hands all day long have made my hands look terrible! But not now! I’ve used the lotion this week and they are so soft! The scent is perfect too! I notice it on my cell phone long time. But it’s not too strong and overbearing! 10/10

Brea H.

Loved mine! Didn't leave me oily which is a must for lotion. And I think I'm really wanting a sample of them men's scent for myself.  Loved it

Shellie R.

This lotion is Amazing! Scents are very nice and very moisturizing…no more harmful chemicals!!!

Calais C. recommends DNJ Soap

I love the way my skin feels after applied. it's amazing and the fact that mine doesn't have a scent, nothing clashes with my perfume. Jamie, Dude and Natalie yall totally hit this one out of the park! my newest fave thing ever

Pete S.

If you are going to the Miller County Fair. Please stop by and pick some this stuff up. I've been using it myself. It's a game changer. I have actually thrown out all the store brand bath soap and stright up use their soap.

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